The Kitchn features Tonewood and maple terroir

Food blog, The Kitchn, recently posted this piece to further explain the differences between maple syrup grades.  They requested Tonewood samples for the piece and also consulted with us regarding the terroir of maple syrup.  We were quoted;

The Terroir of Maple

Beyond the grades, there are variations in maple syrup depending on where it was tapped. Just like wine, where the place the grapes are grown affects the wine itself, where maple trees are grown affects the maple syrup.

"There is a terroir, or taste of place, as it relates to maple syrup. There is a difference based on where the syrup comes from and this is affected by elevation, soil, and sun. It takes about 40 years for a maple tree to be old enough to tap, and they grow for hundreds of years, so the soil has a significant effect on the taste of the syrup," says Dori Ross, owner of Tonewood Maple in Mad River Valley, VT.

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