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Tonewood Maple is taking a fresh approach to Vermont’s favorite product – Maple Syrup, and I really like what they are doing.

Aside from their obligatory line of high-grade maple syrups, they are offering innovative and unique maple forms and products.

Before moving to the products – I would be remiss if I didn’t call out how much I like their packaging. Definitely a departure from the traditional maple leaves and jug-handle syrup containers – they are bringing sleek design and chic packaging to the table.

Single Grade Maple Syrup

Tonewood Offers a full line of Maple Syrups ranging from Fancy to Medium Amber to Dark Amber to Grade B. Each syrup offers their own unique flavor and characteristic, however I have always been partial to the darker syrups on the spectrum. Fancy has a very light flavor whereas Dark Amber is rich and viscous with lots of earthy sweetness. Tonewood syrups were definitely high quality with a clean, sweet flavor.

Maple Wafers

Growing up in New England, Maple Candies are everywhere – however Tonewood’s Maple Wafers are definitely unique. One of the things I liked the best is that they really are wafer thin. This results in just enough maple sweetness to be enjoyable, without having a mouth-full of syrup to finish off once dissolved. The portion is just right to enjoy the flavor. Additionally, the texture is really fun, they melt almost as soon as you eat them which makes for a very interesting experience.

Maple Cream

The first of their three innovations – Tonewood’s Maple Cream is whipped syrup. This is a really unique product – it has the texture of a room temperature butter, however it is entirely syrup. I really think the possibilities are endless for this product. You can obviously spread over pancakes, but also use as an icing on cinnamon rolls (yum!) or a warmed up over Maple Walnut Ice Cream in place of hot fudge (Oh Man!) – I am sure I could continue to think of delicious ways to use Maple Cream if given ample time!

Maple Cube

Tonewood’s Second Innovation is their Maple Cube. Literally a hard cube of crystallized Maple Syrup – the Cube allows you to deliver the delicious maple syrup in really interesting ways. Tonewood suggested sprinkling over Oatmeal – however I have a more grown up use in mind….I shaved off a bit of the maple cube and rimmed the edge of a glass ala margarita salt before enjoying a nice Hot Toddy and let me tell you…it was perfect!

Maple Flakes

Lastly – Tonewood has created Maple Flakes. These are as unique as they sound. With a texture similar to dry rice-krispies, these maple-sweet crunchies are great almost anywhere. I mixed them into vanilla greek yogurt and loved the sweetness and texture they added to the snack. Definitely a unique offering!

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