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Boston Local Food Festival

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Jennifer Lalime is a Boston-based professional chef, food writer, and aspiring food photographer.

[Photographs: Jennifer Lalime]

[Photographs: Jennifer Lalime]

Today I strolled the Boston Local Food Festival stretched out along the Rose Kennedy Greenway on Boston’s waterfront. The event showcased the Commonwealth’s food system as represented by farmers, artisan producers, food trucks, related non-profits, and more.


It was basically a glorified farmer’s market for lack of a better description. I don’t mean that negatively per se I just think it could be done bigger and better. In particular, I would’ve liked to have seen more vendors and food trucks pedaling lunch options. Knowing Boston though maybe there was a blue law or city ordinance restricting such commerce on a Sunday. It wouldn’t surprise me.

My favorite find was, of course, not from MA but from VT. Shocking, right? Tidy cubes of maple sugar which I first mistook for candles. I was delighted to find however they are not only edible but also have the texture of high-quality Parmigiano Reggiano. Visually appealing and fun to grate over oatmeal, fresh fruit, or whatever you fancy.

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