Fortune Magazine - 2014 Gift Guide: The Upgrade

Kate Flaim ,
Chloe Lieske


November 13, 2014, 7:23 AM EST

Photo by Kevin Sweeney for Fortune

It’s the annual struggle: matching your loved ones with gifts that make their hearts sing. This year we have the solution. Pick something they already use all the time—and give them a better version of it. Whether it’s a unique design, meticulously handcrafted details, or an extravagance they would never splurge for on their own, we present to you an array of ideas—with many more on—for the ultimate no-fail gift: the upgrade.


Tonewood maple cubes

Sweeten up holiday guests with this sculptural little block of pure maple sugar. The two-inch cube can be grated onto cereal, into coffee,
or over ice cream.


Dori Ross


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