Testimonial from a Maple lover!

I bought a bottle of Tonewood Grade B maple syrup as a stocking stuffer for my husband.   It is now December 31st and since December 25th he’s blown through half the bottle!    It goes in his oatmeal, his evening raspberries, and he probably figures out a way to eat some in the middle of the day when I’m not looking.  Today I ordered 3 more 500 ml bottles.  We’ll see how long these last!   I hope they arrive before he runs out – the withdrawal symptoms could be severe.    Likely  he’ll be chipping off the hardened dribbles of syrup from the empty bottle while stalking the delivery people.   Your maple syrup is the very best either of us have ever had (although he’s hoarding the bottle from me, I’ve only gotten one taste)


Happy New Year!


Gail and Bill in San Francisco

Dori Ross


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