Want to know what you'll be eating in 2015? The Winter Fancy Food Show is where trends are set and palates are introduced to exotic and even odd flavors. Where else would you taste artichoke water, soursop juice and cricket flour?

Every January, the Specialty Food Association rolls into San Francisco, putting on a culinary spectacle at the Moscone Center.

Attending the show -- the 40th annual -- may seem like fun, but with 14,000 exhibitors vying for your tastebuds, honing in on the best of what's new and just plain tasty can be overwhelming (and very filling). But we've done the hard work for you.

It wasn't a surprise to see kale, paleo, quinoa, bacon and gluten-GMO-and-everything-else free foods in abundance. But these 10 new flavors and bites stood out above the others. They're all available now or heading for grocery stores soon.

1 Maple

There were plenty of maple-laden goodies, from salsa to tea, but the coolest thing we spotted was the maple cube ($16.99) from Vermont's Tonewood Maple. Imagine a 7-ounce square of pure maple sugar. You shave it -- just as you would chocolate or Parmesan -- to get delicate, but intensely maple-flavored flakes. Sprinkle it on oatmeal, lattes or savory dishes like roasted salmon. Tonewood also makes a rich maple cream (we'd eat it straight from the jar), maple wafers and maple syrup. Available online from tonewoodmaple.com