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In the “Fancy Food Find” series, take a closer look at some of the treats on display at the 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show.

Maple syrup is not just for pancakes and waffles. In fact, maple doesn’t even need to be in syrup form for its versatility and richness as an ingredient to shine.

Tonewood Maple wants to make sure the world knows about the merits of maple. Founded in March 2012 in Vermont’s Mad River Valley, Tonewood features an impressive portfolio of gourmet maple products. Maple is available in both liquid (syrup) and solid (wafers, cream, cube, flakes, and seasoning) forms.

Tonewood’s maple cube stands out in particular. The seven-ounce chunk of pure maple sugar is imposing, its sweet fragrance diffusing as soon as you open the box and its heft readily noticeable when held in your hand. (It smells so great, I’m tempted to use it as a room freshener.) Available in Golden Delicate (buttery maple flavor) or Dark Robust (intense maple flavor), the cube can be grated to add some pizzazz to your dish. From oatmeal to salads to ice cream, the sky is the limit; I was a fan of sprinkling a bit of maple sugar on whipped ricotta toast. Think of the difference between pre-shredded and freshly-grated cheese—the intensity of shaving your own maple sugar is unparalleled.


In addition, Tonewood champions a novel CSA-inspired maple tree adoption program. The company strives to create a win-win situation in which customers develop a deeper appreciation for maple and small-scale maple producers obtain the financial stability required to maintain the expensive, specialized, labor-intensive process.

You don’t have to take my word for it: Tonewood’s maple products have been recognized with a sofi Gold, as a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards, as an Editor’s Choice Food Award from Yankee Magazine, as one of celebrity Chef Bobby Flay’s top holiday foodie gifts in People Magazine, and as the #74 product in Saveur’s 100 Cooks’ Edition. If you’re looking for a way to sweeten your life or need a gift for that food-loving friend who has it all, take a look at Tonewood.

– Nicole Woon
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