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Tonewood Maple Cube Review
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Reviewed by Arielle Matlin, Editor, FaveSouthernRecipes.com


The Tonewood Maple Cube is one of the coolest food products that I have tried using in a long time. The cube is made of pure maple sugar and is grated directly into all kinds of dishes to add flavor.

The cube is available in two styles: Golden Delicate or Dark Robust.


I had an opportunity to use the Dark Robust flavor Tonewood Maple Cube. I sampled it in various dishes and absolutely loved the touch of sweetness it brought to each item. I really enjoyed grating a little of the maple cube into my morning oatmeal. It added just the right burst of flavor. The cube is fantastic grated over eggs, ice cream, even a touch in coffee adds great flavor.


With Tonewood Maple you can even adopt your own sugarbush tree. They will send you all kinds of great maple products made from your very own tree! I predict the maple sugar cube becomes the new "Parmesan". Add it to anything and it will be instantly more delicious, just like adding Parmesan cheese to any dish. Skip pouring your syrup, and start grating it!


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