Domain Creation

 Today I registered my maple gifting business with a domain name via Shopify.com who manages my CMS.  The domain name is the same as the brand name which is in the brand mark development stage.  The site won't go live until it is completely finished and there is still work to be done but I feel that I am making some progress.  The challenges of creating a start-up business is the everyday process of making so many decisions in a vaccuum.   It will be beneficial to go live and draw on some facts like consumer feedback and Google analytics.

I have much to learn in the Inbound marketing arena so no lack of work to be done and aspects of the on-line marketing world to tackle.  I'll get back to it now but will check in with progress updates again.

Dori Ross


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February 12, 2016

Not sure if this is the right place or spot where a message will get to Laura, but if it is just waentd to wish you a very happy birthday next week, and from an old, fat, ugly, & bald doorman, you’re missed big time, out west here.

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