8th Generation Sugarmaker

 I just finished interviewing a local sugarmaker and it never ceases to amaze me just how much history and tradition is imbedded in this wonderful tradition.  This particular sugarmaker is a 7th generation sugarmaker and his children are the 8th generation.  His recollection of sitting by the wood fired arch in the old sugar shack with mothers, fathers, grandfathers is so enriching.  Years of culture that only they, as Vermont sugarmakers, can really be a part of.  I'm envious.   I had a wonderful childhood growing up on a farm in rural Canada, one of 5 siblings, and dabling is a bit of maple sugaring. but the Vermont stories are so heartwarming.

Tomorrow I'm interviewing a real old-timer and can't wait for the stories to reveal themselves.  Stay tuned!


Dori Ross


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