Best Host Gifts - HobNob Magazine names Tonewood

HOBNOB magazine is a source to help “Throw Better Parties.”  They recently posted a piece on Ingredients Stellar Foodie Gifts to Wow Your Host.

Look what HobNob Magazine has to say about Tonewood:

[3] Tonewood Maple Syrup Cubes Tonewood’s products are made with pure, premium maple that is single-sourced, unblended, and free of additives. The Maple Cube, housed in a sleek black gift box, can be shaved over oatmeal, fruit, ice cream, and more—anything that could use a touch of golden sweetness. Get your Maple Cube in two varieties: try Golden Delicate, which features a lighter, buttery maple flavor, or the more intense Dark Robust. Like wine, Tonewood’s artisan sugarmakers pay deep attention to their maple syrup’s terroir. Their trees grow in Mad River Valley, VT where the combination of rich soil, southern facing slopes, and high elevation allows them to produce a syrup with incredible flavor, clarity, and color. Raising the bar for maple products, Tonewood is also dedicated to preserving small-scale maple production and involved in funding climate research, local farming efforts, and sustainable, forest stewardship. $17. tonewoodmaple.com


Read more:  http://hobnobmag.com/article/stellar-foodie-gifts-to-wow-your-host/



Dori Ross


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