Proposed New Maple Grading


A standard international grading system is being proposed by the International Maple Syrup Institute to help unite maple syrup producers, packers, distributors and consumers.  The goal is to adopt a system which will better meet the regulatory and marketing needs of both the commercial maple syrup industry and consumers for the 21st century.  The proposal will be formally submitted to regulatory agencies in both Canada and the United States with implementation proposed for the 2013 maple production season.

Proposed Colour Classes for Grade A Pure Maple Syrup:

Golden Maple Syrup

Amber Maple Syrup

Dark Maple Syrup

Very Dark Maple Syrup

Each Colour Class will also have an intensity of flavour descriptor to help consumers distinguish the taste difference of each grade.  Golden has a Delicate taste, Amber has a Rich taste, Dark has a Robust taste and Very Dark has a Strong taste.

For further information contact:

Dave Chapeskie, R.PF., Chair, IMSI Standard Maple Grades Committee, and, Executive Director, International Maple Syrup Institute

Dori Ross


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