Tonewood Kickstarter campaign goes LIVE!

Tonewood Kickstarter campaign

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By sharing in Tonewood's kitchen project, you are helping to support small scale farming and the preservation of maple production.

  • Launched: Nov 16, 2012
  • Funding ends: Dec 16, 2012 


    TONEWOOD is setting up a commercial maple kitchen! After almost a year of outsourcing the production of many of our products, we need to bring our costs down and create local jobs if we are to compete and fulfill our objective of helping to preserve the age-old tradition of maple farming. As you can imagine, setting up a commercial maple kitchen is an expensive project and we need your help to acquire the much needed equipment. This includes: maple canning, creaming & candy-making equipment, an oven, range, dehydrator, work tables, food-grade shelving, baker's speed racks, sinks, sanitizing dishwasher, lights, sheet pans, and much, much more.

    THE IMPACT By supporting us you're not only helping this small business to become more sustainable, you're also supporting the community and economy, small-scale farming, and artisan maple producers throughout North America. Once this kitchen is ready we'll be able to increase our production, take on more sugar makers, and more effectively spread the word that these family owned operations continue to produce maple products of premium quality and that they deserve a place in every household in the nation!

    HOW DOES THIS FUNDRAISER WORK? This Kickstarter fundraiser is all or nothing: if we don't reach our goal, we will not receive any of the donations pledged and your credit card will not be charged. If we do reach our goal (and I hope we do!) your credit card will be charged on December 16, 2011, the day the campaign ends. To the right you'll find a list of rewards for different levels of pledges. Please help us make our dream become a reality!

    THE PRODUCT Tonewood is redefining the standard for premium quality maple products. Through collaboration with expert sugarmakers, we produce pure maple syrups and other specialties. Our syrups are single-sourced, unblended, free of additives and our products are sourced locally within 50 miles of our future kitchen. We combine this standard for excellence with sleek design and forward-thinking sustainability practices to produce gourmet products. Our tree adoption programs and all product sales help to fund climate change research, local farming efforts, and sustainable forest stewardship. Find out more about Tonewood's products on our website and on our blog. Samples of some of our offerings below!

    Risks and challenges

    As a small business, the risks and challenges ahead of us are formidable. Once the commercial kitchen is set up and we have moved production in-house, the challenge will be the continuing outreach program to create an awareness and educate consumers as to the versatility of maple based products as well as to its unrivalled health attributes as a sweetner. Also, to reinforce and highlight the benefits that sustainable agricultural methods bring to our society as a whole!

    With your help, our chances of success in doing this are infinitely higher!

    Dori Ross


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