Ideas in Food Chefs Experimentation with Tonewood Maple Cube

Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot are Ideas in Food, a blog, a book, and a culinary consulting business based in Levittown, PA.  They are passionate about food and have taken a recent interest in Tonewood Maple Cubes.  All very exciting experimentation.  As it turns out Alex is a close friend of Mad River Valley's own Common Man Chef Adam Longworth.  We think Adam's creations are awe-inspiring.  The Common Man is a MUST Do when you come visit the Mad River Valley!  Check out this recent review:

Maple Bourbon Cube

Bourbon and maple go great together. Steve at Blis has known this for a long time. We were inspired and extrapolated from his original creations. We took bourbon and started washing The Tonewood Maple Cube. We put the cube on cork supports in a deli container. We put the lid on and shook the deli every couple of hours. The bourbon washes and penetrates the cube. We are hoping to have the bourbon flavor the cube allowing us to shave maple-bourbon over everything.


Shaved Smoked Maple Cube

We started with maple cubes. We put them in the smoker for an hour. It is important to make sure you cold smoke the cubes. Our smoker got a bit hot and started to melt one. After they were smoked we wrapped them in plastic wrap. The smoke permeated the cube. I think the aroma will penetrate further over time. At first I tried to shave the cube with a bonito shaver. It was too fine. We switched to a Japanese mandoline. The delicate smoky maple dissolves on the tongue. The uses are exciting. We bought 6 cubes so other flavors are in the works: bourbon brushed, kimchi rubbed, seaweed seasoned.

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