We're Cooking with Maple! How to Substitute with this Sweet Nectar.

Sweet Substitutions...some key tips:

  • When a recipe calls for a cup of white sugar, use 2/4 cup of maple syrup 
  • When baking, decrease the other liquids called for in the recipe by 3 Tbsp per cup of syrup
  • Maple syrup may cause baked goods to brown more quickly so decrease the oven by 25 degrees F
  • Maple sugar can be used as a direct substitute for granulated sugar (that processed stuff)
  • Maple sugar is sweeter so you can use less - about 2/3 to 3/4 cup maple sugar to 1 cup processed stuff...that's good news!
  • Rather than honey or agave, use maple sugar 1:1 but you can use less maple sugar as it is sweeter
  • As a liquid (and moisture activates gluten in flour), maple syrup can give baked goods unexpected texture.  Consider using maple sugar in these cases or avoid over-mixing the batter.
  • HYGROSCOPIC = attracts and holds moisture - Maple is HYGROSCOPIC
  • When using maple syrup and cooking it to high temperatures to produce a hard or candy-like texture, avoid storing the produced recipe in humid weather.  It will not stay hard for long.

Dori Ross


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