Holiday Baking Tips - Substitute with Maple!

Did you know that it’s easy to substitute maple syrup for other regular uses of sugar?  Maple syrup can be a delicious way to liven up an old favorite by bringing maple’s unique flavor to a dish.  Better still, it’s also a healthy way to sweeten your food and beverages as maple syrup is high in healthful antioxidants and naturally includes essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.  It’s more nutritious than other common sweeteners such as corn syrup, honey, or white sugar; contains one of the lowest calorie levels; and has been shown to have healthy glycemic qualities.

To begin using maple syrup in place of the usual white sugar, it’s helpful to keep a few pointers in mind.  If using maple syrup, for each cup of sugar a recipe calls for, use ¾ cup of maple syrup and reduce the other liquids by ¼ cup.  Using granulated maple sugar is even easier as that can be substituted 1:1 in any recipe.

Many standard summer recipes are easy to experiment with substituting other sugars for maple syrup.  In fruit pies or crisps it is easy to replace any white sugar a recipe calls for with maple syrup.  In common summer beverages such as lemonade, iced tea, or even cocktails such as a margarita, maple syrup provides an easy and dissolvable sweetener!

Source:  http://vermontmaple.org/substituting-your-sugar/

Dori Ross


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