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We are pleased to have been recently featured by food writer, Thei Zervaki, who I met last year at the Fancy Food Sow in San Francisco.   Thei is a big fan of maple syrup, maple sugar, our maple cube and maple candy and she especially loves Vermont maple syrup which we think is the best.  Read what she has to say about Tonewood maple.



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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Ubiquitous Maple Syrup and some Notable Maple Syrup Products -

The last few years, Maple syrup is found everywhere: in breakfast cereals, energy bars and even sausages. You can also find maple syrup flavored yogurts, chocolate, potato chips, cakes and cookies that have a hint or large portions of it. It seems that maple syrup has become ubiquitous.  I will discuss its healthy benefits in a different article (and that it won't mention the maple glazed bacon doughnuts).

Today, I will present some notable products made with maple syrup in different shapes or forms.

Creams, flakes and cubes

Tonewood company features luxurious items including Maple Cream, Maple Flakes and gift sets of Maple Cube and Grater for the holiday season

Tonewood: Maple Cream


Tonewood: Maple Flakes


Great packaging and flavors  made from a company that values sustainability in Vermont

Tonewood: Maple Cube and Grater


Read more:  http://www.fullybooked.biz/2015/12/the-ubiquitous-maple-syrup-and-some.html

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