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San Francisco based food blogger, Amy is a huge fan of Tonewood.  I have met and chatted with her at a food show this year and she is so excited about Tonewood and all things maple.  She recently posted a great feature on her blog.  Check out her love of maple syrup, maple cream and just Tonewood maple in general.


Speciality Food Holiday Gifts 2015 & Giveaway!

Over the past year I've gotten to try a lot of specialty foods. Here are some of my absolute favorite sweet and savory treats. 
This year I fell in love with the products from Tonewood Maple. They make maple products in many different forms, but also highlight different styles and flavors of maple. If you think as I did, “maple is maple” there’s a reason for that. In many places, such as a certain well-known province of Canada, all the maple products are processed together. So you don’t get different flavors from different estates, just different grades. 
Tonewood offers single estate maple syrups in their grade collection in golden delicate, amber rich and dark robust flavor profiles, and each are completely different. These are maple products that reflect place, just like wine! Some are earthy, some are spicy, but they all have a depth of flavor missing from other maple syrups. Honestly this is the best maple syrup I’ve ever tasted. 
In addition to syrup, they offer maple cream, which has the most divine, melt-in-your-mouth buttery consistency. You’d swear there is butter in the product but it’s just pure maple. 
The other very cool product they offer is their award winning maple cube. It’s solid and you grate it to get chips or flakes that are lovely on a cheese plate but also can be a great topping for ice cream, salads, cereal or more. 
Read more: http://cookingwithamy.blogspot.com/2015/12/speciality-food-holiday-gifts-2015.html

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