Cool Hunting Features Tonewood maple cube

Cool Hunting...the curated blog of all things 'cool' has featured Tonewood once again. This time they featured our maple cube in their post; "Unexpected Additions to Punch Up Your Thanksgiving Meal".

Tonewood's Maple Sugar Cube

Maple syrup enthusiasts are all too aware of how messy and sticky the sweet condiment can be. But most will be thrilled to find out about Tonewood's solid brick of maple syrup ($26). With no pouring required, this block of deliciousness can be grated onto your meal, into your drinks or however you like to enjoy it. For Thanksgiving, it definitely makes sense with yams or sweet potatoes—but maybe grate some into a glaze and take it from there.

Skillet Street Food Bacon Jam

This goodie was also featured along side our maple cube and sounds delicious.

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