Local Artisans create Wooden Bowl for Maple Cube

A collaboration of local woodworking artisans, Ben Eagan and Peter Pomerantz, has resulted in the creation of a maple wooden bowl designed for our award-winning maple cube.  The bowl is made from maple wood found in Vermont and holds one cube.  


The Tonewood maple cube is best stored unwrapped in a cool, dark location.  I store my cube on the counter, beside my espresso maker.  That way, every morning, it is ready to shave over my cafe latte.  After my latte my maple cube is ready for shaving over my savory oatmeal and then onto lunch, my salad, and dinner.....

As you can see, I shave my maple cube over almost everything I eat all day long.  Yes I don't go a day without a little shaved maple.

It's time to add a little sweetness to your day!



Dori Ross


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