Maple-loving Family!

I opened up my computer this morning to the loveliest of emails from a maple-loving family. I wanted to share the letter and the beautiful photo of EJ...cutest red-headed maple-lover around.
Hi Dori!
An annual update from your favorite maple-loving family down in San Antonio. EJ turns 2 tomorrow and is already addicted to maple syrup just like his dad ;) This morning, they had french toast dipped in syrup. Yum!! Pic attached :)
I wanted to let you know I just purchased our adoptions for 2020. We do not need any new photos or plaques--in fact, EJ loves the ones we have already. Every morning when he wakes up, he and Cabral say "hello" to the world, and "hello" to Papai Maple Tree and Nene Maple Tree (Papai and Nene are Portuguese for Dad and Baby). Just keep the syrup coming! :-D
Happy Holidays!!

Dori Ross


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