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So a funny thing happened this morning...

I received a call from a Vermonter, a movie location scout who is looking for an authentic sugar house to be filmed in an upcoming Hollywood-funded movie. How exciting and how intriguing and what great exposure for small-scale maple farming. The film was written by two Vermont girls...I love that fact and that these two Vermonters are now living their dream in LA. Brilliantly, these women wrote themselves into their film and will be the leading actresses.

Here are more details regarding the film and storyline:


by Stephanie Lynn & Alexandra Case !

Soulmate(s) is a female buddy comedy, showcasing the strength and power of female friendship. Samantha and Jessamine's small-town "married" way of life is suddenly jeopordized by two out-of-staters: Jess's new fiancé and a corporation threatening Vermont's age old maple syrup industry.

Soulmate(s)SeedAndSpark from Alexandra Case on Vimeo.


Soulmate(s) Partners w Argent Pictures!

We have an exciting update about our Soulmate(s) film and wanted to keep you in the loop. Our production schedule has been delayed, but for great reason!
We just partnered with a fantastic production company called Argent Pictures (they produced Hacksaw Ridge and upcoming Tom Cruise film American Made). Filming has been moved to 2018. We just did a screen test and they decided to keep us as the leads in the picture - hooray, we booked our own movie :) 
We are very excited to still be shooting in Vermont and bringing Hollywood to our home state!
Thank you for your continued support. We will keep you updated on the production schedule as we get closer to solidifying dates.
Follow our filmmaking journey on facebook/thesoulmatesmovie and instagram @thesoulmatesmovie!
Your favorite filmmaking duo,
Stephanie & Alexandra
I hope to meet these inspiring Vermont women when they travel around Vermont scouting sugar house locations for the film. What an exciting development and exposure for Vermont sugar makers. Good luck girls!

Dori Ross


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