Maple (or so we thought) Product Review

I have never entertained writing a product review post but I have just decided to do so due to a recent, unfavourable 'maple' experience.   And the story unfolds....

This past Monday I drove my middle daughter, Isobel, back to university in Montreal.  Before dropping her off at her residence we did a grocery shop for her dorm room.  While walking the grocery aisles, Isobel spotted a new maple product....or so we thought.  She knows I'm always on the lookout for great, new, 'maple' products and they are always popping up in Canada.  Isobel made me purchase a bunch of these new 'maple' products - 'maple' Mars bars.

First off...obviously this is an unhealthy chocolate bar but I have a bit of a bad habit and desire for Canadian chocolate bars (growing up ski racing, I used to keep a Mars bar in my ski jacket pocket and would eat it frozen when I needed a sugar hit).  So when Isobel spotted this 'maple' version - WOW - we had to buy some.

I loved the graphics with maple leaves and the english/french text MAPLE ERABLE.  When I took my first bite....YUCK YUCK YUCK!  It was awful.  I quickly checked the ingredient listing (I know I should have done this first) and now I know why I had such an adverse reaction.

The first two ingredients are sugar and corn syrup....I kept scrolling down the list...ending in artificial flavour....and you know what?  Not a spec of REAL maple syrup anywhere.

Maple fans...look out for this.  Vermont is in the process of trying to make it a felony to sell any fake maple products.  Canada...please follow suit.






Dori Ross


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