"Maple Syrup is Life"...wise words from Felix Auger-Alissiame!

So aside from my love for all things maple I'm also a huge tennis fan thanks to my mum who was a passionate tennis player. In fact, my mum's passion for tennis was so contagious that all five of us grew up tennis players. Our mum played until she was 89 years old. Thanks mum!

Doris Ross (our mum) - around 1937

So this leads me to introducing a new tennis star, Felix Auger-Alissiame from Quebec. Felix is not only an incredible tennis player, a rising star, but he loves maple syrup!


Now watch Felix play:


I love, how in the first video, Felix states; "maple syrup is life!'. While on the road his mum brings maple syrup from Quebec to keep Felix strong and well fueled for his tennis matches.

Go Felix!

....and thanks to my tennis-loving sister, Kate, for sending me this video.

Dori Ross


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Nicola Ross
Nicola Ross

March 30, 2019

Go Felix Go.

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