The Perfect Vermont Cheese Board

Need to shake up your standard cheese board over the holidays?  I bet you haven't thought about pairing maple with cheese.  Too messy?  It would be with maple syrup but that's the beauty of using solid forms of maple.

The versatility of maple is really demonstrated when the solid forms are paired with local Vermont cheeses.  I showcase these pairings at many events across the country including local farmers' markets, cheese festivals, in-store demonstrations, trade shows and wine festivals.

I pair our solid forms; maple flakes, maple cream and our unique maple cube with some of my favourite local Vermont cheeses.  A huge shout out to Vermont Creamery, Jasper Hill Farm, von Trapp Farmstead and Maplebrook Farm for supplying me with their amazing cheeses.

Customers taste the maple and cheese pairings and their eyes literally roll into the back of their heads.  I've had many customers show me the goosebumps on their arms after they taste our pairings.  So this holiday season don't just present your guests with that same old, same old cheese board.  Go on - wow them with 'The Perfect Vermont Cheese Board'!

My favourite local crackers are Jan's Farmhouse Crisps so be sure to try those out with our local Vermont cheeses.

Some of our recent events featuring Tonewood maple and cheese pairings:

Hartshorn's Sugarhouse - Maple Open House Weekend

Lululemon - Burlington Store

Senator Leahy's Taste of Vermont - Washington, DC

Whole Foods in-store demo

ExpoEast - Baltimore

Dori Ross


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