The Poetry of Nature!

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day - who would have thought?

One of my siblings (I have four of them) writes and creates a series of trail hiking guides. Her first guide; 'Loops and Lattes - Caledon Hikes' - highlights the best hikes in the area surrounding our home village. We grew up on a farm in rural Ontario and hiking was something we did on our farm and we have continued to do as we've grown up and our families have grown. In my sister's e-newsletter she mentions that today is Poem in Your Pocket Day. I particularly love the poem she included as it relates to my two passions; trees and our children.

An excerpt from my sister's e-newsletter:

Every year on Poem in Your Pocket Day -- which happens to be today -- my friend Rae Crossman sends me a poem he's written.
Tonewood Nature Photo
Not being a poet or even a want-to-be poet, I thought I would pass along Rae's poem as it aptly illustrates the photo above. I snapped it yesterday evening from inside my house, and while I have a zoom lens on my camera, it's a point-and-shoot Sony. This deer was nearly inside my dining room.

Teaching My Children The Names Of Trees

I am teaching my children the names of trees
white pine hemlock maple

the shape of leaves the feel of bark
beech hickory oak

the way birds live in their branches
the way their branches live in my heart
tamarack balsam birch

I am teaching my children the rising of sap
the bursting of green
the touching of sky
jack pine cedar spruce

I am teaching my children the falling to ground
the falling apart
willow walnut elm

I am teaching my children to grow after I’m gone
poplar chestnut ash

I am teaching my children to teach their children
the names of trees

Rae Crossman

For more information about Rae, visit website.

Also check out my sister's website:

Dori Ross


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