Tonewood Donates close to $10K to Proctor Maple Research Center

Since the launch of Tonewood maple in 2012, we have donated just under $10,000 to the Proctor Maple Research Center in support of their climate change research efforts to protect the maple industry.  We received this email from the folks at 1% for the Planet:

Thanks so much, Dori! Your 2015 certification is now complete!

It's been really exciting seeing your growth, and in turn, your donations to Proctor Maple Research Center growing over the past few years. You've contributed nearly $10K to environmental organizations all working to protect the places we play since joining our network! We wouldn't be able to boast more than $150M in giving to date without your help, so thank you for all that you do.
As we continue to help support the industry we have only our fans to thank as 1% of every sale is donated to protect our environment.  So THANK YOU!!
Tonewood is proud of this achievement and proud of working with Vermont maple syrup which is considered some of the best maple syrup in the maple tapping region.  We produce our maple candy, maple sugar and other award-winning maple products from only pure maple syrup.

Dori Ross


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