North American Maple Producing Regions

Did you know that the largest (and largest by far....by almost 10 times) maple producing region in the world is the province of Quebec?  Vermont is the largest region in the USA but is only a tenth of the size of la belle province.

Canada produces 71% of the world’s pure maple syrup, 91% of which is produced in Quebec.

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Here is a summary by region:

Top States/Provinces Producer of Maple Syrup

Province of Quebec, Canada:  7, 989,000 gallons harvested.

State of Vermont, USA:  890,000 gallons harvested.

Province of Ontario, Canada:  400,000 gallons harvested. *

State of New York, USA:  312,000 gallons harvested.

State of Maine, USA: 310,000 gallons harvested.

Province of New Brunswick, Canada:  300,000 gallons harvested.*

State of Wisconsin, USA:  117,000 gallons harvested.

State of New Hampshire, USA:  87,000 gallons harvested.

State of Michigan, USA:  82, 000 gallons harvested.

State of Ohio, USA:  65,000 gallons harvested.

State of Pennsylvania, USA:  54,000 gallons harvested.

State of Massachusetts, USA: 29,000 gallons harvested.

Province of Nova Scotia, Canada:   22, 000 gallons harvested. *

State of Connecticut, USA: 9,000 gallons harvested.


*The data for Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were not out for 2010 when we published this article and were extrapolated from previous year.  They are an approximation for 2010.

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