Vermont Sugar Houses - Part 4

This post includes an eclectic group of local sugar houses in our Mad River Valley, over the Ap mountain gap toward Bristol, Vermont and in the Waterbury area.  Each one has it's own unique look, history and culture.  Some were built in recent years and others are decades and decades old.  One thing they have in common is they all create good old maple syrup from tree sap.

Skip Smith and his roadside sugaring operation:

I met with Skip a few years ago to ask him about his operation and he told me he still uses buckets and taps roadside maples (some of them are hundreds of years old) along the Common Road here in our Valley.   I love the look of his sugar house especially the hanging wreath.

Moretown Sugar House:

I was driving my youngest daughter over to a friend's house in the Moretown area and stumbled across this tiny, old sugar house.  I love the look and how it's nestled among those beautiful birch trees.  I don't know who operates this sugar house or even if it is still in operation....I hope so.

The Cochrane Skiing Family Sugar House:

I love the windows on this sugar house that really give it a unique look.  This is a relatively new operation and located near the bottom of the Cochran Ski Area outside Waterbury.  There are four Cochran family members who work on the business.

Bristol Area Sugar House:

Just over the mountain gap from our Mad River Valley en route to Bristol, you'll find this sugar house on the right side of the road.  This is also a pretty new operation.  I don't know the family running this sugar house but will drop by next time I drive by and see someone around.  I really enjoy chatting to local sugar makers to learn more about their story, their history and a little bit more about the sugaring culture in our area.

Stay tuned for more sugar houses...

Dori Ross


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March 07, 2019

What year and and on what road did you spot the sugarhouse in Moretown?



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