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Tonewood Maple Adoption Program

Matt regularly appears with Jordan Rich on “Connoisseur’s Corner” which airs on WBZ (https://wbznewsradio.iheart.com) weekdays at 11:55 AM.

The following is a “script” for one of Matt’s segments:

While it may technically be vegan-friendly, some may take issue with maple syrup because it involves putting metal taps into all-natural trees.

Fortunately, our friends at Tonewood Maple have found a way to give back to the trees that give them and their many fans son much.

Through their new adoption program, lovers of Tonewood’s diverse menu of maple-based products (that includes everything from a maple cub, maple flakes, and maple cream to multiple grades of syrup and a growing set of cookbooks) can show their love for the syrup’s sources by adopting the very trees that are used to create these many sweet treats.
In addition to receiving an adoption certificate and photo of their tree, adopters receive some of each season’s first bottles of syrups and also the assurance that they are helping sustain not only trees but also family farms and time-tested tapping traditions.

So the next time you take time to enjoy some of our region’s finest and most famous creations, take a further moment to give back to make sure that others can enjoy it as well.

Thanks so much to Matt for this great Tonewood maple tree adoption shout out!


Dori Ross


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