My Sugarwoods Companion

Happy New Year! Here's to 2018.  It's a funny feeling really because I am more excited this year than ever before as this new year begins.  I feel like 2018 will be a year of transition. My pal, Fischer, also seems to have an extra spring in his step since the new year began.

Fischer - on this morning's early hike

To celebrate 2018 I thought I'd formally introduce Fischer who has been my 'sidekick' since his birth in 2010 (he's turning 8 this year) and he's provided constant support since the launch of Tonewood in 2012.  I couldn't have started down this crazy, entrepreneurial path without him.  Fischer sleeps under my desk, sits 'shotgun' in my truck, has joined in a Tonewood photo shoot, follows me into the garage to package up product, and best of all, he is my companion in the sugarwoods.  We've had endless adventures together, collecting sap, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, hiking and just peacefully wandering and listening to the trees together.

Fischer - fireside post-adventure

Fischer - such a face (I made pillows - of this image - for my 3 kids this Christmas)

Fischer - Tonewood photo shoot

Fischer - shotgun

Fischer - Backcountry skiing

Fischer - mountain biking

Fischer - hiking the sugarwoods

 So here's to Fischer and all our dog companions in 2018!

Dori Ross


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Dori Ross
Dori Ross

January 05, 2018

Fischer is a Portuguese Water Dog. A loyal and very smart breed.

Barb Becka
Barb Becka

January 04, 2018

Great shots of your precious Fischer! Hubby and I were curious as to what breed is he? Happy New Year!

Annie Chirieleison
Annie Chirieleison

January 03, 2018

What an adorable face! Are you sure Fischer isn’t part Wookiee?

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