A Daily Dose of Maple Cube

Okay full disclosure...I don't go a day without maple!

Two of my vices are coffee and maple and I enjoy them daily. In my books, life is too short to go without simple pleasures. Everything in moderation right? I do fully support this approach to life. So...daily I have one cup of coffee - but I make it a REALLY good cup of coffee - a White Caffe Americano with steamed milk and grated maple cube.

Here's how I make a White Caffe Americano

- Have a large coffee mug ready (my favourites are from Canadian potter Scott Barnim)


- Prepare two shots of espresso into the mug (my favourite is Illy)

- Pour about 3oz of hot water over the espresso

- Froth milk (about 3oz) and pour over top

- Grate the maple cube onto the frothed milk

- Enjoy your White Caffe Americano with grated maple cube!



Dori Ross