Vermont Undies

It's about time more of us started sporting our state below our waistline and under our pants. These one of a kind Vermont Undies are comprised of men's Gildan brand 100% cotton boxer briefs with a custom made Vermont flannel state patch sewn directly onto the fly portion of the skivvies. Meant for men or women, available in sizes small - XL.  Available in Grey or Black (indicate COLOUR choice in the NOTES section).

A bit about the artist:  Sophie of Vermont Tribe, maker of Vermont Undies

Sophie grew up in Vermont with ten siblings and plenty of canned fruit. Her greatest art mentor has always been Sophie's dad, who started taking her to hunt for project supplies in free piles, dumpsters, thrift stores and yard sales from the time she was five. Thankfully, Sophie's mom taught her how to live debt free, so her greatest accomplishment has been the ability to survive on a part time job with plenty of time to do artsy sorts of things, and to take a month off each year to backpack abroad. Sophie lives with her partner in a yurt way the heck off the grid, and spends the colder days in a house with an actual shower and a beautiful washer and dryer.

On a wintery day, what could be better than enjoying a cup of 'Comfy Maple Milk' while sporting a pair of Vermont Undies?  Here's to Sophie and her creativity!


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