Tree Adoption

The Tonewood adoption program provides an opportunity to support small maple producers and sustainable farming practices, while enjoying an assortment of Tonewood’s specialty products. When you adopt a maple tree, you offer small scale producers added financial security and help to preserve family-owned farms and the tradition of maple production - Please look to our 'Adopt' section for further information.

You'll receive three packages from Tonewood including an adoption certificate and photo of your tree followed shortly thereafter by delivery of our Grade Collection, including 250 ml/8.4 oz bottles of the three maple syrup grades. Lastly, you will enjoy our Sweet Pairing package which includes our maple cube and maple wafers, two of our sweetest delicacies.

**The shipping cost for the adoption is $35 which covers 3 deliveries. This cost is separate from the Limited Time Offer on shipping listed below.


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