Give Back To Nature

The Tonewood adoption program provides an opportunity to support small maple producers and sustainable farming practices, while enjoying an assortment of Tonewood’s specialty products. When you adopt, you offer small scale producers added financial security, with which they can run, improve, or grow their operations. Maple production is an expensive, specialized, and labor intensive industry, increasingly threatened by competition from inexpensive, imitation syrups and large scale producers, who blend their syrup from multiple sources. By adopting a tree, you can help preserve family-owned farms and the tradition of maple production.


You'll Receive:              

In return for your support, you will receive three packages from Tonewood. Shortly after adoption, you will receive an adoption certificate, along with a photo of your tree and an informational booklet about maple production. In the spring, you will be treated to our Four Grade Collection, including 250 ml/8.4 oz bottles of the four maple syrup grades. The spring package will be accompanied by a recipe book, to guide your exploration of the grades’ versatility. In the fall, you will enjoy our Sweet Pairing. The Pairing includes our maple cube and eight wafers, two of our sweetest delicacies.


Our Maple Producers:

The adoption concept is a collaboration between Tonewood and a group of local, artisanal maple producers, in which each producer retains responsibility for the care and production of his product. We carefully select our partnering sugarmakers to ensure the high level of quality that our consumers expect. To learn more about our partnering maple producers, select one of the farms below.