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2017 Finalist
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2015 Winner
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2014 Winner
Best New Product
2014 Finalist
American Made
2014 Finalist
Best Confection
2013 Finalist

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Maple Recipes
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Tonewood Maple Blog

Maple Movie - Soulmates

May 28, 2018

So a funny thing happened this morning... I received a call from a Vermonter, a movie location scout who is looking for an authentic sugar house to be filmed in an upcoming Hollywood-funded movie. How...

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Meanings of Maple

May 24, 2018

I had a really interesting meeting last week with a local professor of anthropology. He refers to himself as an ethnographer so I had to ask for a definition; Definition of ethnography : the study and systematic...

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Tonewood Maple

Tonewood, a maple tree adoption program and line of award-winning maple products, is a mission-based company seeking to preserve small-scale maple farming. Sourced from local Mad River Valley multi-generational sugar making families; Tonewood maple syrups, tapped from high elevation maple trees, produce the purest maple syrups. We’ve also teamed up with native Vermont maple candy-makers who transform pure Vermont maple syrup into unique forms of maple.