'I'm Threatened By Climate Change' campaign featured

Save the Mighty Maple with Tonewood Maple

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The following is a “script” for one of Matt’s segments:

As a native New Englander, I have long considered it my birthright to enjoy real maple syrup on whatever I want. In recent years, the maple market has exploded with maple-related products being used in everything from butter to water – mostly as a way to make sure every drop of sap is used!

As interest and development continues to grow, however, climate change continues to stress and threaten our beloved sap-spouting trees. That is why, in addition to offering their unique maple-based products like their pure maple sugar cube, flakes, and maple wafers, our friends at Tonewood Maple are also sharing the latest information about climate change and recently launched an ‘I’m Threatened by Climate Change’ sticker campaign so fellow tree-lovers can share their concern.

As temperatures rise, the length of maple syrup season shrinks. As there are fewer consistent nights when the temperature drops below freezing (which is necessary to make sap run efficiently), it is getting more and more difficult for even the mightiest Maple to make the 40 gallons of sap it takes to make each gallon of syrup. In the past 50 years, nearly 20 tree-tapping days have been lost, which adds up to liquid tons of untapped tastiness. According to recent reports, tappable trees south of the Canadian border may run out before the end of the century!

So while you are enjoying Tonewood’s magical maple products, think of the trees and do what you can to turn the tide.


Dori Ross


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