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'I'm Threatened By Climate Change' campaign featured

February 05, 2020
Save the Mighty Maple with Tonewood Maple Matt regularly appears with Jordan Rich on “Connoisseur’s Corner” which airs on WBZ (1030 AM) on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:25 A...

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Maple-loving Family!

December 03, 2019
I opened up my computer this morning to the loveliest of emails from a maple-loving family. I wanted to share the letter and the beautiful photo of EJ...cutest red-headed maple...

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Greta Thunberg Climate March in Montreal

September 29, 2019
Montreal's Climate March of more than 500,000 people marching alongside Greta Thunberg was epic. What a message this girl is making. Half a million Quebecers The message was ...

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Tonewood Zero-Waste Kit Launch

September 29, 2019
To help combat climate change we need to reduce or eliminate the use of single use plastics. In order to help with this effort, Tonewood will be launching a Zero-Waste kit. The ...

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"Maple Syrup is Life"...wise words from Felix Auger-Alissiame!

March 29, 2019
So aside from my love for all things maple I'm also a huge tennis fan thanks to my mum who was a passionate tennis player. In fact, my mum's passion for tennis was so contagious...

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Climate Central states Maple Trees Threatened by Climate Change

March 15, 2019
Researching and reporting thescience and impacts of climate change   I recently discovered this compelling organization called Climate Central. You may have seen previous...

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Maple; One of Eight Products Threatened by Climate Change!

March 08, 2019
"Eight foods you're about to lose due to climate change" This was the headline in a 2014 article in The Guardian newspaper. The article goes on to say; "As worsening dr...

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