Food & WIne Selects the Mouth and features Tonewood Maple Cube - Grade B




Food & Wine Magazine Says...

This handsome solid block of deliciousness delivers a pure, hearty hit of maple to anything it's grated over, from oatmeal or yogurt to fresh and grilled fruits or roasted parsnips and carrots. – Tina Ujlaki, Executive Food Editor



Yep, you heard right: a solid brick of straight up maple syrup. You don't pour, you grate. Genius.

Not only is this crystalline cube of solid Grade B sugared maple a gorgeous, downright decorative addition to any table – therefore totally gift-worthy – it'll also inspire you to use maple syrup in all kinds of new ways! 

Tip of the Tongue

We recommend breaking out the microplane for the finest, lightest shavings. Sprinkle on scrambled eggs along with your salt for our favorite breakfast flavor combo (don't forget the sausage, too!) – everything from salads to salmon love a flurry of freshly grated maple flakes.

Dori Ross


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