New Maple Cube & Grater and Maple Grade Collection Gift Sets Unveiled for Holiday 2015



Award-winning and celebrity chef-approved artisanal pure maple products are on-trend for upcoming holiday season.


Adding a touch of the perfect amount of pure maple sweetness to cheese pairings, entrees, and snacks just got a lot easier with our new Maple Cube & Microplane Cube Grater Gift Set. Another new addition to our sofi Gold winning product line is the Maple Grade Collection Gift Set with Recipe Booklet showcasing the range of color and intensity available in pure maple syrups from Tonewood.


We strive to showcase the versatility of maple in many forms such as flakes, cubes, wafers, cream and granules featuring one single ingredient: 100% pure maple syrup. There are many nutritional benefits of 100% pure maple syrup. Maple is lower in calories than white sugar, honey, molasses, and agave. Maple, a super food, is low on the glycemic index and is high in minerals such as iron, zinc and manganese.


Celebrity chefs Bobby Flay and Dominique Ansel have chosen Tonewood’s Maple Cube as one of their go-to products. Chef Bobby Flay recommended the Maple Cube as one of his favorite holiday foodie gifts. Dominque Ansel featured the Maple Cube in a gift box for the benefit event #EatYourTweet. With the new addition of the Maple Cube & Microplane Cube Grater Gift Set you can now easily enjoy the delicate or robust taste of the Cube varieties.


New Products for Holiday 2015:


  • Maple Cube & Microplane Cube Grater Gift Set: This unique gift set combines the delicious and healthy benefits of maple with a stylish and convenient tool for easy maple shavings. Set in a sleek black gift box, our pure Maple Cube is the preferred option for adding a touch of sweetness to cheeses, coffee and tea, vegetables, meats, fruits, or desserts. Included with either the Golden Delicate or Dark Robust Maple Cube, is the multi-functional Cube Grater which is ideal for grating and storage of the Tonewood Cube.  http://www.tonewoodmaple.com/collections/gift-sets-and-accessories
  • Maple Grade Collection with Recipe Booklet: This elegant collection includes 250 ml/8.4 oz. bottles of Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, and Dark Robust syrups; showcasing the versatility of maple syrup. From drizzling pale, subtly flavored Golden Delicate syrup over fruit, ice cream or yogurt, to incorporating Dark Robust grade syrup into your favorite marinades or glazes, there are endless uses for the syrups in the Grade Collection. Included with this delightful collection is a Maple Recipe Booklet and pairing guide which features recipes such as Maple Almond Pear Tart, Maple Pan Fried Pork Chops, Maple Cranberry Scones, and Maple Pecan Granola. http://www.tonewoodmaple.com/collections/gift-sets-and-accessories/products/gift-set-3-grade-collection




Dori Ross


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