High Schooler's Amazing Sugaring Operation

A classmate of my daughter's here in our Mad River Valley (since pre-school), Trevor Hallam, has created an amazing maple sugaring operation....and pretty much all on his own.  Trevor was over at our house this past weekend and we had a wonderful chat all about how he got started and his passion for sugaring was so contagious.  Trevor sent me this image of his sugarhouse in the woods behind his house.  He, along with my daughter, will be graduating from high school this spring so Trevor is planning to help with another local sugaring operation (a new one by Dan Fuller and Brad Belknap...more to come about their great, new set up later) for the next few seasons while continuing his studies.

It is so great to see such eager spirit in our Valley and by someone so young.  Trevor is one of those special kids who just exudes passion and it's so great to see him pour that enthusiasm into maple sugaring.  I can't wait to see how both Trevor and his operation 'flow' into the future.  Go Trevor!

Dori Ross


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