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Pure Maple Sugar

IMAG0186 Artificial sugars are getting a lot of scrutiny these days, and rightly so!  There are so many delicious natural options that don’t require chemists or unpronounceable words.  Tonewood Maple has made this very clear in a delicious way.

This company based in Vermont does what New Englanders do best, make Maple SugarIMAG0187 Syrup.  But they go one step further and condense that sticky sap treat into a solid cube of sugar.  Now this isn’t some pressed maple sugar candy that you buy at any tourist trap in the North East, but rather a delectable and sweet treat that you can customize to your own tastes.   And even better, Tonewood helps fund climate research, local farming efforts, and sustainable forest stewardship, so we can be sure to enjoy the bounty of maple for generations to come!

While Tonewood offers many different maple options, I was lucky enough to receive one of their Golden Delicate Cubes to try, and let me say I was blown away by just how maple-y it is.  Is that even a word?  With so many artificial maple products out there, it is a delight to have maple sugar that is pure, without fillers or questionable compounds.  I sprinkled a little in my tea this morning and it really perked up a simple cup of black tea to something delectable!  I used a small grater to take just a smidgen off, and it sweetened so much better than a lump of refined sugar.  When winter finally hits here in Connecticut I will have to make sure to use some of this on my oatmeal.

While my husband would probably gnaw on this block of maple sugar without a care in the world, I definitely recommend using it for things like Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream, Oatmeal, and Cookies.  Heck even the Tonewood website has great recipe ideas, including some Maple Cookies that look out of this world!  Going to have to make some next week I think.

And even if a solid chunk of maple sweet goodness is not your idea of the best way to consume maple sugar, let me assure you, Tonewood has many different items that will fit your budget and your palate.  Time to put down that grocery store syrup and try some Maple from the source!

We have partnered up with Tonewood to offer a giveaway!  You too can get a cube of solid Maple Sugar by entering below.  Best of luck and Enjoy the Sweet Life!

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