Meanings of Maple

I had a really interesting meeting last week with a local professor of anthropology. He refers to himself as an ethnographer so I had to ask for a definition;

Definition of ethnography

: the study and systematic recording of human cultures; also : a descriptive work produced from such research

Dr. Michael Lange is a professor of Anthropology and Folklore at Champlain College here in Vermont. Dr. Lange has recently published a book; Meanings of Maple, where he provides a cultural analysis of maple syrup making; what we locally call sugaring. The book illustrates how maple syrup is both a process and product and is an aspect of cultural identity.

I have a copy of this book on order from my local Valley bookshop; The Tempest and can't wait to get my hands on it to read from cover to cover. Once I finish it I'll provide a bit of a review. In the meantime, the following video recording of Dr. Lange might be of interest to you true 'maple lovers' out there.

Hope you enjoyed the video!


Dori Ross


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