Vermont Sugar Houses - Part 3

I'm sharing some more of my favourite, local sugarhouses in this post.  Each sugarhouse is so distinctive and they are dotted along Vermont roadsides or deeply embedded in the woods.  When I'm in our local woods I love taking photos of these cultural gems.  At some point I'd love to travel throughout Vermont to discover other old sugar houses and share images and stories of some of the best examples.  These images below are of some of our local Mad River Valley sugar houses.  Stay tuned for more!

Clark sugar house

Located off the road within a family compound.  I have sat with the sugarmaker in this sugarhouse and it is really cozy and full of charm.

Scrag Mountain Sugar house

This sugar house produces organic maple syrup.  My son, Theo, worked there this summer.  I hope he can work there in the future and really learn from a larger operation than my little backyard sugaring.  Check out the photo of the boys below.

Gaylord Sugar house

As you drive south on route 100, before entering Waitsfield, look to your left as you come over the rise (that's Scrag Mountain in the background) and you'll see the cutest red-roofed sugarhouse.  The sugarmaker is a young man who was crowned 'Maple King' recently at the Champlain Fair.

This is just a sampling of Mad River Valley sugarhouses.   As you can see each sugar house is distinctly different and each has it's own charm and personality.

I'll share more in future posts.

Dori Ross


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